… a good story can save poor animation, where good animation cannot save a poor story.
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My icon is also the expression that I permanently have on my face.

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one of my all time favourite moments in the entire naruto manga is gai’s face when he hears taijutsu is the only thing that will work on madara


that is the face of a man who is going to fuck someone up

his thoughts are like

"I’m about to show this man these hands."

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kind of hate how capitalism has trained me to believe that having free time is a bad thing and that i need to be constantly doing something to make my existence worth anything

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idk why ppl act like funny women are a rare precious commodity when every woman i know is a got damn comedian and i’ve met maybe two intentionally funny men in my lifetime 

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aobabe and sly babe
(so embarrassed about the teen years)


aobabe and sly babe

(so embarrassed about the teen years)

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Why is anal fisting so rare in fic, that’s my question. No it isn’t. That’s the worst question. I’ll go sit in the corner.

you have a PROBELM MADAM

Well I mean

if the 1f 2f 3f DICK method is so unsatisfying to you people

why no go to extremes



A Rogues series but like Friends.

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buying comics is so dangerous because each individual issue is pretty cheap so you think like ‘yeah man, it’s just $3, i can afford that’ but you think that about ALL OF THEM and it really adds up quick

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