This is the wall at the end of the aisle of a retail store near me.

This aisle happens to have markers in it and people have taken it upon themselves to graffiti the hell out of it. As someone working in retail I cannot stress enough to all you out there:


I’m not kidding. Please. I’m begging you. It’s not only rude, I’m among the few other associates who are usually called upon to clean up things like this when they happen where I work.

And if you are going “oh well that’s part of your job,” not only have you clearly never had a job in retail, but no it’s not technically part of my job. My job is to help customers, to help YOU. You know what happens to associates who get stuck cleaning graffiti? We’re nowhere to be found because we’re stuck in one section of a store cleaning up YOUR MESS.

It’s rude.

Also I noticed on this particular aisle it became popular to put your instagram name. That being said, here’s the instagram names (according to this wall) of the lovely people who decided to deface their local retail establishment:

  • bonesbreakwell
  • funsizejailene
  • ajdermodymckeen
  • bridgeeeet_bass
  • missy_marlene_
  • candisssss_
  • that_awesome_surfer
  • just_callme_big_daddy
  • lil_miss_shorty_99
  • mexoricua98
  • white_nutella
  • taylor_mederas

I don’t have an instagram and honestly I don’t know how it works, but if you see any of these people around maybe let them know the only thing they’ve gained from defacing public property is a reputation for being incredibly inconsiderate.